Used PKW 7 BBL Turnkey Steam Brewing System

This gently used system was recently decommissioned. A complete turnkey PKW 7 BBL turnkey brewing system just ready to be moved to your location,  uncrated, installed and recommissioned to resume brewing great craft beer. Available for immediate shipment.


  • Manufactured by PKW
  • Steam Jacketed Heating
  • 7 BBL Combo Mash/Lauter Tun
  • 7 BBL Boil Kettle/Whirlpool
  • 20 BBL Hot Liquor Tank (HLT)
  • Heat Exchanger
  • 2 x 7 BBL Jacketed and Insulated Fermenters
  • 2 x 7 BBL Jacketed and Insulated Brite Tanks
  • 2 x 7 BBL Jacketed and Insulated Horizontal Lagering Tanks
  • Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) circulating pump
  • Pro Chiller Glycol Chiller
  • Draft Glycol Chiller for brewery trunk line
  • PKW Glycol Control Panel
  • Secondary PKW Glycol Control Panel for 6 additional tanks
  • Grain Mill
  • Grist Case
  • 2x Grain Auger System
  • 1 BBL Hopback Grant on casters
  • Thompson Portable Pump
  • Thompson Brew Haus Pump
  • Other Accessories

Location: Portland, Oregon

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