Pre-Owned Keg Washer and Kegs Available from UBE for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT!

Need to add an extra keg washer to keep up with your rapidly expanding craft beer production? Here’s a great deal on a pre-owned Bulldog keg washer that can clean and sanitize your kegs in record time. With two heads, this keg washer can clean up to 40 kegs per hour so you can tailor your cleaning operation to match your demand for clean kegs.

Plus we have lots of quality used kegs in various sizes.

Complete information on this quality keg washer and the kegs is below. To discuss, just complete this short form (we NEVER share your contact information) and one of our equipment specialists will contact you within 48 business hours.

Bulldog 2 Head Keg Washer

The BULLDOG 2.0 Keg Washer cleans 30 to 40 single opening, half-barrel kegs (15.5 gallon) per hour, and can be programmed through a selector switch to accommodate all sizes of kegs.
The BULLDOG 2.0 features stainless steel construction. Keg handling is manual with all processes PLC monitored and controlled. 

Manufactured by BullDog 
    • 5’4″ tall, 4′ wide, 3’5″ deep
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Touch screen controls
    • Model B (Cleaning only – chemical sterilant, and includes a heated detergent tank with pump,
      sterilant tank with pump)
    • Supply           Pressure        Flow rate   Consumption
      Beer:               35-45 PSI      30 GPM       20 GPM
      CO2:                25-35 PSI      60 CFM       10 CFM
      Water:             40-50 PSI      31 GPM        4 GPM
      Machine Air:   60-80 PSI         3 CFM        2 CFM
      Purge Air:        25-40 PSI      45 CFM       8.3 CFM
    • Emersion Heater Voltage 220 VAC or 460 VAC 3 Phase Power. 3 KW
    • Pumps 2HP 208-230/460 VAC 3 Phase
    • On/Off Switches c/w Overloads 5.6 – 5.4 / 2.7 amps, 50/60 Hz
    • Panel 110 VAC @ 5 amps, 220 VAC @ 2.5 amps
    • One (1) Keg Washer Available

Location: Portland, Oregon USA

Video of the Pre-Owned Bulldog Keg Washer

Used Beer Kegs

Manufacturers: Various
    • Full Keg (15.5 gallon)
    • 1/2 Keg (7.75 gallon)
    • Numerous Kegs Available

Location: Portland, Oregon USA

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