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G&D Glycol Chiller

G&D Glycol Chiller

Manufactured by G&D Chillers


  • Model: GD-7H
  • Tank Capacity: 60 gallon
  • Tank Fabricated from Stainless Steel
  • Steel Frame with Aluminum Housing
  • Process Flow: 40 GPM @ 25 PSI
  • Compressor: 7HP
  • Glycol Pump: 1.5HP
  • 34in W x 61in L x 50in H
  • Operating weight: 1,450 lbs
  • Shipping weight: 1,100 lbs
  • One (1) Available

Located: Portland, Oregon

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Mitsubishi 3-Head Keg Washer

Mitsubishi 3 Head Keg Washer

Manufactured by Mitsubishi


  • Clean up to 3 beer kegs at a time
  • Automatic cleaning cycle
  • One (1)  Available

Located: Portland, Oregon

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VLS Liquid Filtration System

This plate filter is built from stainless steel parts, is mounted on wheels and has a stainless steel drip tray. The filter unit is closed by a stainless steel central screw. The filter plates are replaceable and the unit is equipped with pressure gauges, valves and special liquid processing controls.

Manufactured by VLS Technologies


  • Model: CFP 60×60 Series
  • Filtration rate: 4,000 Gallons per hour
  • Fabricated from 304 Stainless Steel
  • Frame with casters
  • Filter plate thickness: 60mm 
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Butterfly valves
  • 110in x 33in x 55in
  • Gross weight: 2,844 lbs
  • 2 Available

Located: Portland, Oregon USA

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PKW 10 BBL Steam Kettle

Manufactured by PKW


    • 10 BBL Capacity Steam Kettle
    • Like New!
    • 18″ Top Manway
    • CIP Spray Ball
    • Tangential Whirlpool Port 
    • Auxiliary Port
    • 1.5″ Drain
    • 48″ Wide
    • 72″ Tall

Located: Portland, Oregon USA

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15 BBL Forgeworks Boiling Kettles

Manufactured by Forgeworks


    • 5′ 8″ wide x 8′ 2″ tall
    • RE4700 Gas Fired Burner
    • Jacketed and Insulated
    • Flat top with hinged lid that opens half up the vessel
    • 2 Vessel Platform
    • 10″ Steam Vent, 12″ Exhaust Vent
    • 1.5″ Tri-clamp – 1″ CIP Extension
    • 1.5″ Tri-clamp – Whirlpool
    • 4″ Tri-clamp – Main Drain
    • Two (2) Available

Located: Colorado, USA

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Wild Goose Bottling Line

Manufacturer: Wild Goose

  • Up to 40 bottles a minute.
  • Automatic counterpressure filling with 2, 4 or 6 fills heads
  • Automatic crowning
  • Semi-automatic rinsing
  • Dimensions: 5.5′ L x 3.5″ W (1.7 m L x 1.1 m W)
  • Power: Single-phase 17A @ 115VAC, 50/60 Hz  or  9A @ 230VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Air: Clean, dry compressed air required at 15 cfm @ 90 psi (25 m3/h @ 6.2 bar); refrigerated air dryer and coalescing air filter rated to 0.10-0.01 micron required
  • CO2: Up to 12 cfm @ 40 psi

Location: Post Falls Idaho

See it in action:

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Krones Bottling Line

Manufacturer: Krones
Year Manufactured: 1996
Condition: Like New
Power Requirement: Three Phase 208/240V
Features: 13,200 Bottles Per Minute

Major piece of bottling equipment for high volume brewery

Please Note: This bottling line equipment is located in Mexico.

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Used Beer Kegs

Quality Stainless Steel Beer Kegs

1/2 Barrel Full Sized Kegs

    • 15.5 gallon (60 liter) capacity
    • These kegs have been sold

1/4 Barrel Half Sized (Pony) Kegs

    • 7.75 gallon (30 liter) capacity
    • These kegs have been sold

1/6 Barrel Sixth Sized Kegs

    • 5.2 gallon (20 liter) capacity
    • These kegs have been sold

Dixie 25D-900 Crowler Canner

Manufactured by Dixie Canner


    • Can seal up to 900 32 oz. crowlers/hour
    • Small 10″ x 7″ x39″ footprint
    • Seam containers under ambient atmospheric conditions.
    • Made of rust-resisting materials.
    • Tough, fast, and precise.
    • 110V Power. Direct Drive Motors are UL Listed and CE Certified
    • The equipment has been sold

PKW Cold Brew/Filtration Tank

Manufacturer: PKW


150 Gallon Capacity
56in x 80in.
1HP Pump with VFD.
280/240V Single Phase Amp.
False bottom with 50mm crate.
Clean-In-Place (CIP) Ready350 lbs.

This equipment has been sold

Cask Semi-Automatic Canning Line

Manufactured by: Cask Global Canning Solutions
Controls: Touchscreen HMI with 3-Head Fill Station
Power: Single Phase, 208 – 240VAC at 15A, 50/60Hz
CO2: 25 psi from plant system connected to system
Air: 3 cfm dry air at 90 psi. Compressor c/w refrigerated dryer and auto float drain
Water: 1/2″ hot water line (Clean in Place CIP)
Beer: Temperature 32-35.6F
Carbonation: 2.4 to 2.9 volumes CO2
Dimensions: 2’x5′ = 10 sq.ft.
Beverage Throughput: 2.5BBL/Hr, 78 gal/hr

Compact and mobile. Easy to use.
15 cans per minute. 37 cases per hour.

This equipment has been sold

PKW 3-Head Keg Washer

PKW Keg Washer-Sold

• Manufactured by PKW
• Clean up to 3 kegs at a time. 20 Kegs an hour
• Gently used for PKW’s training at LaBrewatory

This equipment has been sold.

Kunzel Four Roller Mill

Kunzel Mill- Sold

Mini 85 German Mill

Manufactured in 1985

Great Price

This equipment has been sold.

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