Used 10BBL Marks Direct Fire Brewhouse with HLT

Thank you for contacting Used Brewing Equipment and your interest in our used 10BBL Marks Direct fire brewhouse with HLT. This is a complete brewhouse plus a large 30 BBL HLT (Hot Liquor Tank) and it can be easily expanded into a complete brewing system with the addition of more tanks, fermenters and other brewing equipment.

Stock Number: 1020


Manufactured by Marks

10 BBL Insulated Mash/Lauter Tun (MLT)

  • All interior welds blended
  • Top mounted glass manway with etched brewery logo
  • 4” Grist hydrator
  • Rake-style mixer with top mounted motor (Nord gearbox) and manual flip-down grain-out plow
  • Front rectangular manway with removable grain-out chute
  • V-wire, removable, false bottom screen
  • Dual sided manometer
  • Multi-point wort drain assembly
  • Sparging system with stainless steel spray jets
  • Removable vorlauf inlet tube
  • Sparging system with stainless steel spray jets
  • 360° Rotating CIP spray ball(s)
  • 15 BBL Grist Case

10 BBL Direct Fire Kettle/Whirlpool (DFKWP)

  • Heat is provided by an “on/off” natural gas burner with exhaust pipe
  • Insulated “firebox” built around tank bottom and a portion of the side wall with baffling to optimize heat flow
  • All interior welds blended
  • Insulated shell with #4 polished stainless cladding
  • Top mounted glass manway with etched brewery logo
  • Sloped bottom design for maximum wort drainage
  • 2″ drain sump with 4” trub drain
  • Removable drain dam
  • Tangential whirlpool inlet
  • Temperature sensor well
  • Steam vent with condensation ring/drain
  • 360° Rotating CIP spray ball(s)

30 BBL Electric Heated Hot Liquor Tank (EHLT)

  • Heat is provided by three 18kW immersion heaters
  • All interior welds polished
  • 316/316L SS on all wetted surfaces
  • Insulated shell with #4 polished stainless cladding
  • Top mounted manway
  • Removable CIP assembly with 360° rotating CIP spray ball
  • Drain extension tube
  • Fittings for pump inlet, city water fill, heat exchanger return, tank recirculation
  • Shell mounted thermowell
  • Sight tube assembly with volume/calibration strips

Other Equipment

  • Constructed of 304 Stainless Steel
  • Stainless steel hand rail surrounding perimeter of work area with toe kick plate
  • Brewhouse Platform (BPF)
  • Fiberglass decking material with non-slip top
  • Integrated stair or ladder assembly
  • Adjustable foot pads for platform leveling
  • UL Listed Push Button Certified Control System
  • (1) Magflow meter at water mixing station (1) Boil over sensor (DFKWP)
  • (2) Digital temperature controllers (DFKWP, HLT) (3) Variable speed controllers for pumps (MLT, DFKWP, EHLT)
  • (1) Variable frequency drives to control speed and direction of mixer (MLT) (3) RTD temperature sensors (MLT, DFKWP, EHLT)
  • Brewhouse Piping, Clamps, Valves, Fittings
  • All required clamps and gaskets to connect MLT, DFWP, EHLT
  • Hot and cold water mixing station
  • (3) 2HP centrifugal wash down rated pumps (MLT, DFWP, EHLT)
  • Dual stage stainless steel plate heat exchanger sized for 30 min knockout
  • Wort aeration assembly with sintered stone, sight glass, thermometer

Pro Chiller Glycol Chiller
Model PM112F3R4100-A-VC 230/3/60 R404A 12 HP

3-Head Keg Washer
Cedarstone 3-head keg washer and compressor.

Location: Coupville, Washington

Stock Number: 1020

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